Villa Giona stands in the heart of Valpolicella, in Cengia di Nogarine, in the municipality of San Pietro in Cariano and on the eastern slopes of the hill of Castelrotto, where the homonymous, enchanting village of stone houses and palaces stands.

Villa Giona was built by the Veronese family of the same name of Jewish origins between the end of the fifteenth century and the beginning of the sixteenth century, initially as a fortress house to defend the grounds and later expanded to a sumptuous summer residence.

HISTORY (Villa Veneta from the 16th century )

Historical home of the Giona family, a family of Jewish origin living in Verona, was built between the end of 1400 and the early 1500s. It is at the beginning a fortress house to defend the fund.

It then became the summer residence of the family of the same name and opened architecturally according to the canons of the Renaissance residence.

At the same time, in the middle of the seventeenth century, the Italian garden rich in statues and fountains was created, a garden that embellishes the north and south sides of the house.

All around, in the romantic period, the English garden or romantic garden takes hold, which still today constitutes the dominant part of the park of Villa Giona and is characterized by the presence of tall trees and a small lake.


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Tenute SalvaTerra is located in one of the most prestigious historic sixteenth century houses in Valpolicella: Villa Giona, surrounded by cypresses, olive trees, dry-stone walls and vineyards, at the foot of one of the most fascinating villages in the entire historic Valpolicella, Castelrotto.
An intimate and cosy environment that allows you to enter the tastes and flavours of the land that hosts it, Valpolicella.

The cellar offers typical local products to taste, taste and buy as a souvenir of a moment dedicated entirely to the palate.

Simple dishes of tradition combined with the wines of the Veronese wine-growing and wine-producing land par excellence.