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Hotel in Valpolicella: Hotel Villa Giona

Situated in a green oasis, ten minutes from the center of Verona and Lake Garda, is one of the most prestigious, historical mansions of the Valpolicella: Villa Giona.

Surrounded by a romantic park and a “vineyard garden”, the six rooms of the 16th century villa, offer you comfort and tranquility, enabling you to discover, in an original and exclusive way, a sense of relaxation and pleasure.

Throughout the day, the idea of hospitality permeates the atmosphere: breakfast is served in the “Loggia”, while in the medieval tower, where the wine exhibition is located, it is possible to appreciate Allegrini wines and the savoury products of the Valpolicella area.

Villa Giona wants to be just that: a great residence, with the desire for culture, art, noble country landscape and centuries of experience in the eno-gastronomical field: the universal desire for Bonum vivre.

An Historical Outline...

Villa Giona was built in the first years of the 1500’s as evidenced by date 1504 sculpted on stone of marble in the park.

The heraldic stem of the first owner, the Giona Family, appears in the façade. Their presence and the many activities they carried out are attested to in numerous official documents.

An important transformation of Villa took place around the turn of 16/17th century when a very elegant loggia war built, the jewel in the crown of Villa.

However the entire complex of the Villa, including its frescoes indoors and its valuable library, is made even more fascinating by the Romantic style Park, which for its vastness and environmental beauty, makes it unique among Veronese villas.